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The Holy Circle - S/T CS

Image of The Holy Circle - S/T CS


The Holy Circle is the newest project from Terence Hannum (Synths), Erica Burgner-Hannum (vocals) and Nathan Jurgenson (drums). Terence, who is known for playing in the black metal-influenced/drone group, Locrian, takes a completely different route with The Holy Circle pulling elements of R&B, synth-pop, and shoegaze to create something completely new. “Paris” opens the cassette, and while at first, flashes of noise bubble underneath, vocalist Erica Burgner-Hannum takes control of the song, channeling someone not unlike Alice Coltrane or even Kate Bush, guiding the song as it drifts and fades. Elsewhere, track “Basel (About What Was Lost)”, finds Erica further taking the lead with her powerful vocals while slow pulsing programmed drums and delayed snyths create a world that recalls Sade at her most melancholy. It’s no stretch to say that Erica’s vocals are something to behold, and by the end of “Basel”, her control and range is jaw-dropping.

“Polaris” closes out the cassette. The song drives forward and seems to float as Terence and Nathan play off each other with heavy drums and chimes that bring to life a dream like landscape that has now been brought to focus. The Holy Circle with just one release under their belts has already created something completely original. The emotional weight each track brings underscores just how special this project is. These are beautiful, gut wrenching songs that will stay with you, long after it’s over, and that in itself is why we listen to music.

Track Listing
1. Paris
2. Basel (About What Was Lost)
3. Early Morning
4. Polaris

*First 20 copies come with limited DVD of videos for all songs*